Product categories


Multihog multi-purpose vehicles are designed to perform countless different tasks and ensure the vehicle is used 365 days a year. Dozens of different kits are easily and quickly mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle.

The real revolution in the clean maintenance of cities. Street cleaning in urban areas varies depending on their infrastructure such as streets, squares, public markets, industrial areas and the time of year, where summer dust, autumn leaves and sub-winter temperatures are observed. A wide range of Sweepers will cover all road cleaning needs.


Quality of construction, high efficiency and safety at the workplace are the main features that describe the Noulikas Urban earthmoving machines. Comfortable, reliable and durable, they can be used as multifunctional machines and adapted to a wide range of applications thanks to their wide range of optional equipment.

Snow ploughs and salt spreaders of all sizes and uses in order to cover all civil protection needs. The range covers from large trucks for country roads and highways to pickup trucks for the narrow streets of cities.


Telescopic booms with various heads, wood chippers of various sizes, trunk and weed cutters and shredders make up a complete range of products for the management and maintenance of green areas in urban regions, country roads and motorways.

For many years, Comet (CO ME T Officine) has been constantly developing and improving the performance and features of its products, always guided by three key features that have been incorporated into the philosophy of the company and Comet products: comfort, safety and reliability in use.


Pedestrian sweepers, vacuum sweepers and street barrows as well as larger street cleaning systems are the necessary tools to clean maintenance of roads in urban and industrial areas.

Autonomous firefighting systems of various types and sizes. Suitable for firefighting, water pumping, cleaning and disinfection of public areas. Available from wheeled pedestrian systems to larger systems, suitable for installation on PickUp vehicles and trucks.


The new "green" era of electric vehicles has reached the commercial vehicles. Choose between Pickup or Van vehicles with many customization options.