Company Presentation

Noulikas Urban

Company Presentation


The company “N. Noulika’s Sons CO” was founded in 1990 by Nikolaos Noulikas. With its extensive presence in the Greek market, it has recorded an ascending and successful course, making it a leader in the industry. It distinguishes itself by demonstrating special care and seriousness in the study, design, and execution of all the projects it undertakes.

Its main objectives include expanding the scope of its activities and continuously improving the services it provides. Their realization is made possible through the continuous training and development of personnel, the modernization and enrichment of electromechanical equipment, constructive collaboration with leading international firms, and the ongoing monitoring of international technological developments in the field.

Warehouse - Facilities

The headquarters of the company is located in Veroia, in the municipality of Imathia. Since 2003 it operates in privately owned facilities, on a plot of nine (9) acres and a covered surface of 2,000 sq.m. in an industrially developing area, at the 5th km. of the road axis Veroia – Naoussa. These facilities include:

  • Administrative staff offices.
  • Organized spare parts warehouse.
  • A showroom for machinery and equipment.
  • A workshop for the maintenance of machinery.
  • Laboratory with non-destructive quality control instruments.

These units are specifically designed to meet the needs of maintenance, repair, storage and handling of goods from suppliers to the company and then to its customers.


Safety, Quality & Environmental Policy

ISO 9001:2015

Since December 2012, the company has been re-certified with the recognized ISO 9001:2015 standard, and its scope is “Marketing, Maintenance, Inspection and Technical Support of Ski Resort Equipment, Machinery and Facilities”. Noulikas is the first and only company in Greece, which has this certification in the field of installation and maintenance of ski resort equipment.

This certification confirms the dedication to quality, in the entire range of activities, from the execution of the most complex projects, to the technical support of all products supplied.

ISO 14001:2015

Throughout the Greek territory and especially in the sensitive mountainous environment where most of the processes take place, the company N. Noulika’s Sons GP applies an Environmental Management System, according to the standard of ELOT EN ISO 14000:2015, in the framework of its Sustainable Development.

In cooperation with approved Management Bodies, it disposes of all hazardous and non-hazardous waste for recycling and rational management. At the same time, it implements projects in accordance with the most stringent environmental management standards, taking care of the Environmental Restoration and Upgrading of the areas where the installations of lifts and other systems are carried out.

ISO 45001:2018

With respect to the safety and health of employees, the company applies the ISO 45001:2018 system. The environment in which N. Noulika’s Sons GP operates can become dangerous and inhospitable if the right measures are not taken. For this reason, the system for health and safety is applied in a reverent manner at all levels of the company.

In processes such as spare parts orders, supplier evaluation, personnel training, document management and general management activities, the quality system is applied in cooperation with one of the largest certification organizations in Greece, QMS Cert.

All the company’s executives participated in the development of the quality program. In cooperation with the experienced executives of QMS Cert, a quality program was established, which meets the ever-increasing needs of the company to maintain high quality in all areas of activity, with direct and indirect benefits for the customer.


The vision of N. Noulika’s Sons GP is to maintain its status as a pioneering and innovative company, promoting a sustainable future with green cities using renewable energy sources, providing them with specialized and efficient solutions.

The company’s mission is to offer innovative solutions and services that serve the needs of today and promise a better and more sustainable tomorrow. A key commitment is to maintain a dynamic approach to research and development, offering integrated services that respect people and the environment.

The company’s strategy is based on quality, innovation and sustainable development. Through continuous improvement, the company seeks to continue to provide its customers with high quality services and solutions aimed at the development of both.

The core values of N. Noulika’s Sons GP are responsibility, respect and consistency towards partners and customers, inspiring reliability and ensuring quality.