Technical support

Technical support

The company applies the 3 Level Support technical support plan. It operates at three levels and continuously demonstrates its suitability to resolve all issues faced by the customer in the shortest possible time.


Remote Technical Support

42% of cases


On- Site Technical Support of our Company's Technicians

55% of cases


On- Site Technical Support Manufacturer Technicians

3% of cases

1st Level of Technical Support

In case of failure, the company’s technical staff provides immediate and remote technical support to each of the projects it implements, as well as to the machinery it supplies.

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It also offers technical support hotlines which are available to all its customers. When a customer identifies a problem in the operation of a project machine, they receive the first level of technical support remotely.

Most issues, overwhelmingly, are resolved with remote support, making the functionality of all vehicles and project machinery immediate. If during the first level communication the problem is not resolved, then a company technician collects as much information as possible to prepare for the second level of technical support.

2nd Level of Technical Support

The experienced staff, the technical equipment and the transport means available, respond to failures that may occur, even simultaneously, in installations throughout Greece.

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In the second level of technical support, the service team arrives on site, in the area where the machine is located, with full technical equipment, depending on the type of damage, the next day (working day, holiday or weekend) from which the damage was reported.

The company’s highly trained technicians solve the problems that arise without the need to go to the third level of technical support at a rate of 99%.

3rd Level of Technical Support

In exceptional cases it is necessary to go to the third level of technical support where the assistance of the machine manufacturer in technical support is required.

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The technicians of N. Noulika’s Sons GP contact directly the technical support department of the manufacturer in order to schedule an on-site visit by their technicians.

Even if the transition to the third level of technical support is required, due to the excellent cooperation maintained with all manufacturers, the resolution of problems is carried out immediately.

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95% of customer requests are solved within 48 hours.


Own vehicles for technical support

Specialities of Technicians

Our company provides experienced technicians in various specialties who can assist you with the immediate resolution of all issues.